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Henderson County House Fire

The damage done to a home after a house fire is astonishing. In situations like this, our team will try to save what we can, but many things will have to be tos... READ MORE

Water Damage at Henderson County Business

Water damage to your home or business, whether it's big or small, is always a headache. Thankfully this wasn't a major water loss for this local Henderson Count... READ MORE

Document Drying at a Commercial Water Loss in Henderson County

All businesses, big or small have important documents and files. When a water loss occurs and those important documents are damaged, it's important to handle th... READ MORE

Water Damage and Henderson County Church

When a water damage happens to a business, it's very important that a professional team responds quickly. This local church called the right people to get the j... READ MORE

Bathroom Fire In Henderson County Home

Sure, we've all heard of homes catching on fire from cigarettes and if you're a smoker you may think to yourself "that would never happen to me." Well, this hom... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Henderson County

Sadly, this was only a small portion of the building that was affected by this major water loss. Many floors of this public facility were flooded from busted pi... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Henderson County Home

In cases like this when mold has literally taken over, it's important to call in the professionals like SERVPRO of Henderson County to safely remove the mold in... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Henderson County Mold Removal

It's amazing how quickly mold can grow! In this situation the homeowner didn't live in this home most of the time and thought that there may be a slight leak be... READ MORE

Mold Remediation by SERVPRO of Henderson County

You just never know what you may find behind walls. Our SERVPRO of Henderson County technicians were surprised to find layers of wall, behind wall, behind wall,... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Henderson County Water Cleanup and Restoration

Predicting a potential water damage is highly unlikely, and in this case it seemed even more unlikely as the water damage came from the homeowner who lived upst... READ MORE